Goldmine review, CTRL ALT COUNTRY.BE

Today we take a look at a CD from down under that is good for 50 minutes of pure Americana listening. The maker of the music is singer songwriter Phil Smith, who grew up in Sydney, where he has learned, like many others, the skills of the trade while playing in rock – metal orientated bands. Eventually this brought his journey to England. It was there of all places that he started playing the Americana style music. This initially resulted in the EP “Desire”, which was produced shortly after his return to his homeland. Three years later the album “Goldmine” was produced which is the first mature full album. And that is a record that very much did justice to its name and has rewarded listeners with beautiful thoroughbred Americana music. The most eye catching of those songs are the ones that include the dobro and mandolin played by Bill Chambers in “Baby Doll”, or in the thickly melancholic “Ill Walk The Line (One More Time)”, or “Where Does It Go?” a waltz duet with Roz Pappalardo from Women in Docs or “One More For The Road”. Each one of these songs will be ideal for oncoming Autumn nights that we will be playing on radio Alternative Country. We instantly fell for the warm melancholic voice of Smith with the acoustic guitar tunes, harmonica, and songs crafted with piano tunes. All of this is quite beautiful!

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