New record out.

So!!! We finally got the new vinyl back, ‘1,2,3,4…’. 12 inches of pure ’70’s kickass country tinged rock ‘n’roll. Recorded live in 3 days in an old dairy barn with a 6 piece band, comprising drums, bass, Hammond organ, piano, Wurlitzer, Fender Rhodes and 2 guitars, this record boasts a collection of 9 songs – […]

Album and tour news

So, it’s been a bit of a lengthy process, but the new album is on it’s way. Recorded live w/ a 5 piece band last November, mixed and mastered earlier this year, the new Phil Smith & the Lights album ‘1,2,3,4…’ is due for release in the first week of September. Launching at The Old […]

New songs and album

With a love of artists like The Stones, The Band, Creedence and Dylan at his most shambolic, a couple of mates and I have been jamming on some new material that harks back to the golden age of these amazing artists. Strong on story, loose on delivery, with a big emphasis on having a blast […]

New EP on the way.

During the recording process for the last solo album, Year Of The Dog, I took some time off to record a live album with a side band. The band was called The Station Rd Band, and the influences were mainly vintage Stones and Dylan at his most rollicking. The project was then shelved while I […]

The Alchemix Live Sessions, part 4. “I Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty.

Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” is the 4th installment of the Alchemix Live Sessions. Recorded my Marly Luske, filmed and edited by Jezza Keegan.